I honestly can’t be the only person that raised an eyebrow or whose brain almost shorted out when the annual Best of the Upstate winners were announced in the Greenville News a couple weeks ago.  I honestly didn’t want to write about this, but the more I talk to others, they were equally confused.

First of all, absolutely no direspect is intended for the winners, but even they have to admit that it is a little confusing.  Let’s go over some of the “highlights”…




* Best Pizza – Papa Johns
- OK, unless college kids were the only ones voting, this makes no sense unless a memo went around Papa Johns corporate.  Bertolo’s, Formano’s, etc???

*Best Breakfast Restaurant – IHOP
- I mean, come on!?!  With packed establishments like Stax Omega and Tommy’s Ham House, I have to cry foul here.  I would love to see the top 3, because I’d be willing to bet McDonald’s was somehow also in their ranking.

*Best Seafood & Best Overall Restaurant – Silver Bay Seafood
- Let me set the record straight, I don’t mind Silver Bay, but there is no possible way it is the best restaurant in the Upstate when I can choose from 90% of the tables at 12:30 on a Tuesday.  It is a great place if you are looking for the “World’s Best Fish Sandwich”…for $5.99 (which includes sides and tea).  Seriously though, best restaurant in the Upstate?  Doubtful.  I’m not even going into my favorites, but Silver Bay doesn’t even make the top 20.

The bottom line is that until the Greenville News starts logging IP addresses for voters, to ensure some level of reliable results, there is no way that the list will be taken seriously.  For all we know, these companies are hiring someone to sit there and vote all day long for the entire voting period.  I just fail to believe that the majority of those living in Greenville would choose some of the businesses ranked as “Best of the Upstate”.

Even some of these business owners had to raise an eyebrow.

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  • Sapcodancer313

    They cheated by voting for themselves over and over on the computer

    • Jennifer

      You haven’t done your home work. I tried to vote  more than once in a couple of categories to see if people could cheat.The second vote was rejected in every instance. Their computer recognized my computer IP address then informed me that I had already submitted my vote. I tried on my computer at work, got same results. Some of my favorites won, some didn’t place, my conclusion is that it all depends on the taste of the readers that care enough to vote. PS  It kinda renews my faith in the honesty of the Greenville News.

      • Crystal

        That may be the case with voting online, but they can also send in a vote form from the newspaper. I know for a fact that some companies buy a tremendous amount of papers and pay people to sit there and fill them out and then take/send them in to Greenville News for voting.

  • Christine

    I must respond, as I have only lived in Upstate Greenville/Simpsonville SC
    area since May, 2009.  In that short time, I must say: The Best restaurant
    for dining, J. Peters, Macroni Grill and downtown, Larkins on the River. With
    that said, they remind me of the upscaled restaurants, which I have dined
    in the heart of (Manhattan) New York City.