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Saturday Market (May 21, 2011)

Another month, another top ranking for downtown Greenville, SC!  This time, Forbes has enlisted the help of Frommer’s and Livability to rank some of the nation’s best downtowns.  Greenville has joined the ranks of Chicago, Burlington, San Antonio, and Savannah.  Forbes used several factors to compile their list, “including attractiveness, accessibility, diversity of offerings, shops, restaurants, proximity of parks and cultural options.”

The Greenville write-up accurately hits on the fact that Greenville would have likely never made a list like this 15 years ago.  ”Transformation” doesn’t even begin to describe what has happened to Greenville over the last 20 years, and even in the almost 10 years I have lived here.  While Forbes mentions BMW’s assistance in Greenville’s metamorphosis, they are only a small piece of the puzzle that has shaped our area’s recent history.  Michelin, GE, Fluor, Milliken, IBM, Lockheed Martin, ScanSource, and many more companies with national and international headquarters have helped shape our area into what it is today.

Greenville, South Carolina’s downtown was certainly something that pushed me over the edge to move here in 2002.  Even in the relatively short time I have lived here, Main Street has continued to transform and expand, most notably in the West End.  In my opinion, the best thing about downtown is the fact that Main Street will always be Main Street.  Two lanes of quaint downtown; lined with local shops, restaurants, and mice (not real ones).

The other cities on the list this year include: Chicago, IL / Portland, OR / Burlington, VT / Indianapolis, IN / San Antonio, TX / Savannah, GA / Kansas City, MO / Winston-Salem, NC / Santa Monica, CA

Source: Forbes

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  • Teyona @ Park City real estate

    Congratulations for being America’s best downtown! Keep it up!