Falls Park - Greenville, SC

Falls Park - Greenville, SC

RelocateAmerica has been releasing their Top 100 Places to Live for 14 years now, and today, they announced their Top 10 Places to Live in the US for 2011.

Greenville, SC once again made the top 10, this time coming in as the 6th best city to live in 2011.  In 2008, Greenville also appeared on the list in the #4 spot.

This is a tremendous honor for the Greenville area, and certainly helps get our name out to potential residents, tourists, and businesses.

“RelocateAmerica’s research team compiled the list after evaluating extensive data on the factors most important in a community: real estate and housing, economic health, recreation, and safety.  But, it wasn’t all a numbers game. Just as important, and perhaps even more so, was the input provided  by local residents, business and community leaders. There’s nothing that says community pride quite like a resident (or many of them) delivering a list of all the things that make their community special.”

The founder of RelocateAmerica was recently in town, and called me to discuss a few things during his visit about the area, as well as Greenville, SC real estate.  He also had several scheduled meetings with city leaders.  He actually brought his family to town, which is yet another testament to our area.  My wife and I have always said that Greenville is a wonderful place to raise a family, and that was before we even had one!

Certainly another proud day for the residents of this amazing city!

Source: http://www.relobook.com/?p=111

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    • http://www.greenvillemoves.com Cameron Keegan

      I honestly have no clue how that is all you can see around Greenville. I’m sure you’re right though, and all of the top 10 lists (Forbes, Men’s Journal, RelocateAmerica, fDi, etc) are wrong.

  • Mike

    Greenville is way, way overpopulated, it is populated with reckless and irresponsible drivers, and every other person smokes in this city. There is a huge resistance with local motorist and cyclist. Bike lanes are used as just another lane to motorist and the local police do not enforce bike safety. As the city grows crime is on the rise and local police cannot keep up. Gangs are coming in from Atlanta, GA and do their crime sprees and leave town. Greenville is low hanging fruit for them. People, do not buy in to the hype of Greenville, SC. If you do move, lease first, and do not buy a home. See for yourself. 

    • Anonymous

      Easily one of the funnier opinions of Greenville that I’ve ever read.

      Overpopulated? Is that why there are so many trees in every direction, and farmland a half mile north and south of Woodruff Rd (the busiest road in the Greater Greenville area)?

      Every other person smokes, and you saw this in a city where smoking is banned in public places?

      Not friendly to cyclists? League of American Bicyclists obviously didn’t do their homework when Greenville has made their bronze list for 4 years straight (http://www.bikeleague.org/prog.....nville.php). US Pro Cycling Championships are hosted in Greenville!

      As for crime, typically I would provide actual data before making a statement like that, but maybe that’s just me.

      You said yourself that the population is increasing. Clearly all those people are wrong. Not to mention the countless accolades Greenville continues to receive.

    • Janeb425

      apparently Mike’s never been to Greenville? This opinion is about as opposite to reality as I’ve ever hear. Greenville is a beautiful, friendly place to live with many options for cycling, especially cycling. 

    • June Sasser

      You must be a Savannah, Ga realtor…